The Mole versus The Beauty Mark (cue the horror flick intro music)

Did know that an imperfection can turn into your greatest beauty feature?  I know, I know, you are probably thinking, “Yeah right Girl, if I didn’t have this chin, or this nose or this hair, then all my problems would go away and I’d feel a lot better about myself.” Well, I’ve got news for you sister, thinking you should send a supposed beauty imperfection on a permanent vaca is NOT the answer. Believe me, I can relate!  Let me share a little personal story with you…

I have a very distinctive nose… a nose that when I was little, thought it took up my entire face.  EVERYONE commented on my nose. My nose….well…my nose made me, “me.” The worst part? I couldn’t do anything about it!  It was and is my nose for crying out loud!  So I had to make a choice. I could be upset for the rest of my life about it, or I could embrace it, love it and let it define ME.  I had to get some courage and get a little feisty with myself and decided to kick the “woe is me” self to the curb. I looked in the mirror and said to my nose (that’s right, I talked to my nose), I said, “Nose, you are no longer my mole, you are my beauty mark. You were placed on my face for a reason and I will never forsake you again.”

From that day forward I became empowered! I decided to make my nose fashionable  – just like Marilyn and Cindy did with their moles. And if people continued to comment, I’d get a little feisty right back and say, “Yep, my nose is definitely unique but I love it and it makes me “me.” Too bad you’ll never have one like it.” Then I started noticing how awesome my nose became! Just by switching it from a mole to a beauty mark, I realized that I had a nose like no other. My nose and I were going to conquer the world together! … Okay well, not really, I’m getting a little too excited here about my nose, but you get the point…

Inner Beauty Thoughts: If you don’t like one of your supposed “imperfections” – change the way you think about it.  See it as unique… as you. Change your mole into a beauty mark.

Outer Beauty Tips: Did you know that beauty marks were particularly highly regarded during the eighteenth century and creating false ones became common, often in fanciful shapes such as hearts or stars. They could be purchased as silk or velvet patches known as “mouches” (flies).

In the twentieth century Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark generated a new vogue. Musician Prince is iconic for several of his beauty marks. Fashion model Cindy Crawford’s prominent mole helped revive the fashion. The Monroe piercing has gained popularity in recent years as a flexible way of approximating a beauty mark.


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