What Works for Her Won’t Work for You

So there is this girl in history class who has the most beautiful skin … like ever!  I swear I’ve not seen one pimple on her glowing face.  So I finally got the courage to ask her what made her complexion so utterly and disgustingly perfect. She was kind enough to share with me all the products and regimens she uses to keep her mug as exquisite as a porcelain doll. So what did I do? I went out the next day and blew my piggy bank on all of the products she uses.

I bolted home, ripped open the boxes and diligently began applying, wiping, pinching and smoothing all those Imageglorious products on my face. After my regimen was complete I went to bed dreaming of the new face I would awake to in the morning. Well, as you can imagine, THAT didn’t happen. I was itchy and red – even my left eye was puffy and half open!  My face was reacting to all those products!  It was a nightmare and took a few days to get back to normal – or at least to “my normal.” So to make a long story even longer, I realized that what was good for her skin did not fit the needs of my skin.  I needed products that made sense for moi and only moi! Once I found these particular products, my skin started glowing as well!

Outer Beauty Tips: Lesson learned: There are so many products out there, why not find the perfect ones for your skin and your skin only instead of trying and applying everyone elses recommended products. This will save you the time, money and effort wasted!

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Just like this beauty product analogy, what works for her in her life might not always work for you in your life. It takes some courage to follow your own path. You have to make the choice for yourself and yourself only.  Maybe she runs a marathon because she is built with the longest legs ever. You might not be able to run a marathon but you can get the same amount of cardio and exercise doing something that makes more sense for your body type. At the end of the day, you both are using different methods, but the beautiful and empowering part is that you’ll both reach those goals!


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