Hiding Behind the Mask of Makeup

It’s almost Halloween!  Don’t you just love dressing up? I do!  Once a year most of us enjoy dressing up, hiding ourselves behind lots  of polyester, tulle, face paint and spandex. We all get to appreciate everyone’s imagination come to life in a visual costume. And because it’s once a year, it’s special and accepted.  Now, if it were every day and this wasn’t your day job, it wouldn’t be so special. Quite frankly… you’d be noted as a ‘certified crazy.’

This same concept applies to how we wear our daily ‘face mask’ – our makeup. Are you one of those girls who spends more than a few minutes applying eye shadow? Do you slap on the foundation? Are you afraid to leave the house without makeup on? Well sit down for this one because if you are saying ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are totally missing the point of why makeup was invented! Makeup was not invented as a mask to hide behind, it was invented to enhance what is already there! Save the mask of makeup for only those special occasions – like we save dressing up in a costume once a year for Halloween. Instead, go lighter and use it to enhance your beauty.

Inner Beauty Thoughts: By using makeup to ENHANCE your NATURAL beauty you’ll look so much more alive and energized! Get the courage to love yourself and make the choice to enhance your face rather than hide it!

Outer Beauty Tips: Refer to these websites for great ways to enhance your natural beauty with makeup!

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A Personal Story: How Dawn Got Feisty with Breast Cancer

I am a Survivor!

Meet Dawn, one of our favorite strong, surviving Feisty Girls!  Dawn understands what it is like to be bullied by an unforeseen threat. This threat grew quickly and turned into a fierce attack on Dawn’s physical well-being. It was one of the biggest bullies Dawn has ever had to face and get feisty with. This bully is one of the biggest bullies we have to contend with today…this bully is cancer. Below is Dawn’s personal story of how she got feisty with breast cancer with shared insights to help you beat this bully too…

1)    When did you find out you were diagnosed with breast cancer?

  I found out that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2007.  I had put off having my routine age 50 colonoscopy for 5 years, and finally decided to go through with it.  The colonoscopy turned out fine, but the doctor wrote an order for bloodwork based on some information that I gave him prior to the procedure.  When the results came back, he called me immediately and told me that I needed to go to a Hematologist as soon as possible, due to an extremely low platelet count.  That started the ball rolling toward my diagnosis of breast cancer found only in my liver.

2)    What emotions did you have to work through upon this realization?

I wasn’t sure how to “feel”, who to tell, and what to change in my life.  I really did not want to tell a lot of people because I did not want the cancer to become a distraction in my life, and we were still trying to figure out what was going to happen – what treatments, etc., I would need.

3)    Did you have a lifestyle change going through this time?

I did not have too much of a lifestyle change, because I tried to ignore that it was happening.  I had to make some time for tests and doctor visits, so that caused some minimal time away from work.  Because my platelets were so low, I had low energy so that affected my level of activity.  I could not do everything that I had been doing. I had to pick and choose events to attend and needed more rest.  Because my liver was not functioning properly, I had to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and begin eating and drinking better and resting more.

4)    When/How did you decide to get “Feisty” with the cancer?

Getting feisty with the cancer – I weighed my options when the doctor gave me the diagnosis, and decided that some things I could not control, but that I would take control over the things that were in my power.  Those things included:  my attitude about the present, my outlook for the future, and how I behaved during the time that I had left.  The doctor told my husband and I that I might live a few years or a normal life span – they really did not know.  I did not freak out (although my husband did).  I felt that it would not help to panic, but that I would do what I could and hope for the best.  I wanted to continue my lifestyle as long as I could, and deal what came my way in the most positive way that I could, knowing that things could get quite tough and my attitude may change along the way.

5)    What made you continue to be feisty throughout the treatment?

Continuing to be feisty – I was very fortunate not to have to endure chemo or radiation, or even surgery right away.  I did have to and continue to need to take a medication that eliminates estrogen from my body.  That causes some significant and undesirable side effects in a woman’s body.  I guess that was when I needed to “suck it up” and say I will do whatever I need to do to take care of myself.  I am very blessed that so far I have not needed chemo or other harsh treatments, and that there was even a treatment that would work for me.  I don’t really think of myself as being that feisty, under these circumstances, but just having the diagnosis of cancer and the uncertainty of your future, creates a certain strength in a person’s character.

6)    What did you learn about yourself and others?

What did I learn about myself and others?  I learned that I am not afraid to face my mortality.  I learned that one should never give up hope.  There are many new medical interventions and you should move forward in a positive way, looking for answers.  I also learned that many people are supportive when you have a medical problem, especially something like breast cancer.  Even people that you don’t know will be praying for you and offering support.  Prayer and positive attitude, faith in one’s doctors and the medical system are all important to healing.  Most other people will not remember the details of your disease, but they will remember that you have cancer and continue to be supportive.

7)    What do you want to pass on to other women who are going through it?

Once you are diagnosed, you become a member of an exclusive club.  Do something positive with it.  Share your experience in an effort to pass on the knowledge and support that you have received from others.

8)    What “motto” or exercise can you pass on for women to continue to be feisty with breast cancer?

Take control of your life and your body.  Do everything you can to avoid cancer – eat right, avoid things that increase your risk factors, self-examine for lumps and abnormalities, get mammograms early and regularly, and become vigilant of signs of cancer.  If you are diagnosed, accept support from others, especially those that are “members of the club.”

Put Your Pink Bras On and Join Team Feisty Girl!

Why We’re Putting On Our Pink Bras and Making Strides

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday, October 20th with the American Cancer Society.  My desire is to honor my late Aunt Miriam who was a Breast Cancer survivor. Sadly, she passed 13 years later from Pancreatic Cancer.  Her fight and determination still inspires me to this day.
I would love for you to join “Team Feisty Girl” and walk with us.  Together, one step at a time, we can find a cure and make a difference.

Today 1 out of every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer reaches out to the American Cancer Society for help and support. The donations our team raises will enable investment in groundbreaking breast cancer research, free information and services for women diagnosed with the disease, and access to mammograms for women who need them. Our donations will help more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors celebrate another birthday this year!

Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Saving lives from breast cancer starts one team, one walker, and one dollar at a time. We know that the American Cancer Society is the leader in the fight to end breast cancer. We know that supporting them will ensure that if you need someone to talk to anytime of the day or night, they’ll be there. If your friend is losing her hair from chemo, your mother needs a ride to treatment, or a loved one needs a place to stay when treatment is far from home, they will be there to help.

Join us HERE and “Put On Your Pink Bra”. Together we will walk for a world without breast cancer.

How Feisty Girl Began…

Write-up by Charnel Wright-Hollinshead, Co-Founder of News We Use

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Feisty Girl Feature

 Have you or someone you know been bullied so severely as a child to the point you  thought of taking your own life?
Anyone who knows me knows that I create media and grassroots campaigns for a living as a News Media Consultant and Branding Specialist. So, earlier this year, when a special woman enlisted my help in creating a unique platform that champions the cause of helping bullied victims heal–inspired by her painful personal childhood struggles–there was no way I could turn her down. Read on and watch the video below…
Girl Tormented
Mindy Black’s childhood years were plagued by extreme bullying. Swastikas painted on her school locker which—believe it or not—is one of the more tame incidents in a steady stream of horrifying torment at the hands of bullies.  She was stripped of her self-esteem and self-worth so severely she once contemplated the unthinkable…child suicide.
Girl Finds Her Calling
 In the years since that dark time, Mindy grew up to become an esthetician. By performing skin treatments and facials, it is her job every day to help people with skin ailments feel beautiful inside and out. Now for the really exciting stuff! Mindy felt strongly she had a calling to help others. Here’s where I come in. Anyone who knows me knows that I create media and grassroots campaigns for a living as a News Media and Branding Specialist. So, earlier this year, Mindy enlisted my help in creating a unique platform to fulfill her calling. I am honored to have been on the ground floor in helping Mindy conceptualize and then implement a self-esteem building and self-empowerment program for young people called, Feisty Girl.
Girl Gets Feisty
The Feisty Girl program is basically half support group and half fun “girly girl” bonding time learning beauty tips. The program is three-fold. One, it’s an open forum discussion for girls, teens and young women to hear Mindy’s stories of her own painful childhood bullying experiences while encouraging the girls to open up about their own. Second, Mindy then gives a compelling lesson of  how the power of choice, courage and love played a roll in building self-esteem and empowerment within herself. Third, then it’s ‘girly girl” time a Mindy shares beauty tips derived from her esthetician background (including facials, skin care and makeup regimens).
Feisty Girl Takes Off!
Feisty Girl is devoted to helping young people find strength and beauty within themselves and Central Florida is taking notice as her program has been featured on several broadcast news channels (including FOX35-Good Day Orlando and Central Florida News Channel 13). Within just a few months, Feisty Girl has now evolved into a full-blown movement on social media and in Central Florida as many girls, tweens, teens, their  moms and other young women throughout the area have taken part in the Feisty Girl program. From girl scout troops and schools to mother/daughter bonding sessions, Feisty Girl—in such short time–has become a phenomenon across the board.
Mindy found her calling in using her own talents and powerful story of overcoming the odds to help others heal. Now, that’s paying it forward in a BIG way! So proud to have been a part of helping your vision get off the ground and into the hearts of many, Mindy!  Check out this latest news report from News Channel 13 featuring Mindy and Feisty Girl in action with Girl Scout Troop 879!