12 Days of Christmas Feisty Style

Dance Your Feisty Heart Out!

Because you already ARE a Feisty Girl – you have the Courage, Choice and Love to implement the 12 Days of Christmas Feisty Style!  How fun is this little tweak on a classic Christmas carol ?!!  Sing with me now…On the twelfth day of Christmas, Feisty Girl suggested to me…

12 Compliments to Strangers (it will make their day!)

11 Bully-free Friendships (friendships are built on trust, love and respect – not fear or belittling!)

10 Toes-a-Painted (cherry red)

9 Ladies Dancing (agreed with the original – dance your Feisty heart out!)

8 Girls-a-Laughing (it IS the best medicine :))

7 Mouths-a-Smiling (it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 muscles to smile.)

6 Hugs for Friends

5 Cute Outfits!

5 Cute Outfits (duh!)

4 Self Love Mantras (YOU are unique, special and amazing – own it!)

3 Feisty Essentials (Courage, Choice, Love)

2 Feisty Girl Sessions

And a Facial on a Sunday Night. (Don’t forget!)…


Changing Skin with Changing Seasons and What to Do About It

Have you ever noticed how your skin starts to look worse during the changing of the seasons? Just like our weather trying to decide if it wants to be cold or warm when headed into the first few weeks of winter, your skin can’t decide between dry, normal, or oily skin (depending on your skin type). This often results in embarrassing breakouts and lot more time spent on trying to cover those up! The good thing is (kinda) is that you’re not alone in this adaptation time – it’s completely normal.

As the seasons change, so must your skincare routine. In the winter seasons your skin generally gets dryer, thus more moisturizing, natural oils and protection is what your skin needs most! Get Feisty with that dry skin and moisturize, moisturize, and then moisturize some more. You can hardly apply too much since your skin absorbs the added moisture so much faster in winter. Also less sun means less vitamin b and wind means less moisture.  Eat more olive oil and omega 3 to give your skin a lively look during the cold seasons. And ladies, DON’T do tanning that will make it worse in the long run – our mission is NOT to look like scaley burnt fish!

Outer Beauty Tips: In general, everything you do will affect your skin. Regular facials prepare the skin for the change of season and provide the perfect basis for healthy skin. Get a facial when summer ends to deeply cleanse your skin and revitalize it through massage. A healthy diet consisting of vitamin-rich winter fruits, combined with hydration (lots of herbal teas and water) and regular exercise will also help your skin stay radiant and beautiful

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Remember that your skin is a reflection of your inner self—Have the courage to say no to extra unimportant activities and choose to grant yourself some downtime if you need it. Get enough sleep and try not to stress too much. Your skin will love you for it!

How Feisty Girl Began…

Write-up by Charnel Wright-Hollinshead, Co-Founder of News We Use

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Feisty Girl Feature

 Have you or someone you know been bullied so severely as a child to the point you  thought of taking your own life?
Anyone who knows me knows that I create media and grassroots campaigns for a living as a News Media Consultant and Branding Specialist. So, earlier this year, when a special woman enlisted my help in creating a unique platform that champions the cause of helping bullied victims heal–inspired by her painful personal childhood struggles–there was no way I could turn her down. Read on and watch the video below…
Girl Tormented
Mindy Black’s childhood years were plagued by extreme bullying. Swastikas painted on her school locker which—believe it or not—is one of the more tame incidents in a steady stream of horrifying torment at the hands of bullies.  She was stripped of her self-esteem and self-worth so severely she once contemplated the unthinkable…child suicide.
Girl Finds Her Calling
 In the years since that dark time, Mindy grew up to become an esthetician. By performing skin treatments and facials, it is her job every day to help people with skin ailments feel beautiful inside and out. Now for the really exciting stuff! Mindy felt strongly she had a calling to help others. Here’s where I come in. Anyone who knows me knows that I create media and grassroots campaigns for a living as a News Media and Branding Specialist. So, earlier this year, Mindy enlisted my help in creating a unique platform to fulfill her calling. I am honored to have been on the ground floor in helping Mindy conceptualize and then implement a self-esteem building and self-empowerment program for young people called, Feisty Girl.
Girl Gets Feisty
The Feisty Girl program is basically half support group and half fun “girly girl” bonding time learning beauty tips. The program is three-fold. One, it’s an open forum discussion for girls, teens and young women to hear Mindy’s stories of her own painful childhood bullying experiences while encouraging the girls to open up about their own. Second, Mindy then gives a compelling lesson of  how the power of choice, courage and love played a roll in building self-esteem and empowerment within herself. Third, then it’s ‘girly girl” time a Mindy shares beauty tips derived from her esthetician background (including facials, skin care and makeup regimens).
Feisty Girl Takes Off!
Feisty Girl is devoted to helping young people find strength and beauty within themselves and Central Florida is taking notice as her program has been featured on several broadcast news channels (including FOX35-Good Day Orlando and Central Florida News Channel 13). Within just a few months, Feisty Girl has now evolved into a full-blown movement on social media and in Central Florida as many girls, tweens, teens, their  moms and other young women throughout the area have taken part in the Feisty Girl program. From girl scout troops and schools to mother/daughter bonding sessions, Feisty Girl—in such short time–has become a phenomenon across the board.
Mindy found her calling in using her own talents and powerful story of overcoming the odds to help others heal. Now, that’s paying it forward in a BIG way! So proud to have been a part of helping your vision get off the ground and into the hearts of many, Mindy!  Check out this latest news report from News Channel 13 featuring Mindy and Feisty Girl in action with Girl Scout Troop 879!

Big Girls SHOULD Cry: 3 Health Benefits from Tears

You know that fun song Fergie sings,”…and big girls don’t cry,” well…she’s lying.  We ALL cry!  Yep, it is in our female chromosome to just let it all out sometimes in a mess flowing mascara and runny snot. Did you know that on average women cry 47 times a year and men a mere seven (that explains a lot!)?  So don’t feel like you have to hold it all in.  There are reasons we have tears, 3 reasons actually, so let me break it down for you…

1) Emtional/Stress-related Tears

There is an important chemical difference between emotional or stress-related tears and those simply caused by physical irritants like cutting onions. Emotional tears actually contain certain protein-based hormones that act as a natural painkiller which is produced by our body when under stress.

2) Basal Tears

These are the tears that we need all the time because they are “in partnership” with our eyeball. Basal tears consist of the layer of protective fluid covering our eyeballs. Without it our eyes would be in danger of drying out and become susceptible to bacterial attack and/or eventually go blind.

3) Reflex Tears

These are the tears that protect our eyes from irritants and foreign bodies, such as dust or getting rid of the acidic fumes when cutting onions. These tears wash away the irritant and drain it from the eye.

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Crying can help to wash chemicals linked to stress out of our body, one of the reasons we feel much better after a good cry. Higher levels of adrenocorticotrophic (ACTH) have been found in emotional tears (compared to reflex tears). Removing this chemical from the body is beneficial because it triggers cortisol, the stress hormone – too much of which can lead to health problems associated with stress.

When you’re upset and stressed, you have an imbalance and build up of chemicals in the body and crying helps to reduce that. So go ahead and choose a safe place, find the courage to face those emotions and go ahead and let it all out…you’ll love the inner beauty cleanse once the tears wash away.

*Remember that  frequent crying is not always good for you and can be a sign of more serious conditions, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and postnatal depression. If you are experiencing more than a ‘good ol’ fashion cry’ every now and then, please reach out to a professional to get you back on track.

Outer Beauty Thoughts: If it looks as though a giant mosquito mixed with a bag of onions ambushed your eye area after crying, then follow these tips to reduce those cried-out puffy eyes:

  • Apply cool damp teabags to your closed eyelids. Regular black tea reduces swelling better than herbal tea does. Leave the teabags in place for at least 15 minutes to reduce inflammation.

  • Apply cool cucumber slices to your closed eyelids, a traditional remedy for puffy eyelids and dark circles. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties and nutrients that help soothe irritated skin around the eyes. If you don’t have a cucumber on hand, you can use cool potato or apple slices.

  • Avoid eating salty food after crying. Although you might be tempted to indulge in a big bag of potato chips for food therapy, salt makes the body retain water and works against your goal of preventing puffy eyes.



Exorcise the Toxins!

Did you know the food you eat directly affects your appearance? Let me sum up years of research for you in this one sentence:  To improve bad skin, avoid sugar! Sugar is the worst thing for your skin. Every doughnut, candy bar and soda adds to a toxic excess of blood sugar or glucose that shows up on your face. Frequent consumption of refined carbohydrates (any white food such as potato chips, white rice, white bread, pasta, etc) which show up everywhere in the American diet, can bump up cortisol levels. This can interfere with hormone balance and increase inflammation.

Another toxic food to avoid is alcohol because it causes the skin above and under your eyes to puff up. Puffiness is also increased if you aren’t drinking enough water.

As you begin to exorcise these toxic foods, why don’t you go ahead and exorcise those toxic people out of your life as well. Toxic people, like toxic food, can take a toll on your emotional well-being. If you don’t know the signs for a toxic person-here are a few:

1) Is always complaining
2) Is always negative
3) Talks badly about people, especially behind their back
4) Never reciprocates a good deed
5) Takes advantage of you or what you might have
6) Definitely is the opposite of the saying, “A breath of fresh air”
…You get the idea.

How do you stop those toxic people from remaining in your life? Well, you gotta get some courage and get a little feisty with your own boundaries. You can still be polite and cordial, but you don’t have to let them in past that first gate.  Talk about the weather, remain polite and MOVE ON. If they start inquiring as to why you’ve backed off simply let them know that you are on a toxic diet – and the diet specifically states that you must avoid any temptations, including food, drinks, cats, dogs and humans, that may lead you astray from your goals :).

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Put your emotional well-being on a toxic diet.  Put up a polite boundary with toxic people in your life. Make sure that boundary is strong and clear so the feisty doesn’t have to come out! This will empower  you to create healthier and stronger relationships!

Outer Beauty Tips:
Avoid toxins and drastically improve your skin’s appearance with this ‘non-toxic list:

  • increase your intake of lean protein
  • increase your intake of foods high in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 oils (fish, nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables, olive, flax and hemp oils)
  • use only the highest quality (and darkest) of oils when cooking
  • include antioxidants in your diet: these free-radical fighters help keep sugar from attaching to proteins, so replenishing their supply by eating more antioxidant-rich fruits, nuts, and vegetables (i.e. cranberries, walnuts, and red bell peppers) and having antioxidants in your nutritional supplements is the correct route toward younger looking skin.
  • keep added sugar to no more than 10% of total calories
  • control stress – stress can also lead to elevated cortisol levels, so controlling oxidative stress is also crucial in reducing skin wrinkling and puffiness.

The Mole versus The Beauty Mark (cue the horror flick intro music)

Did know that an imperfection can turn into your greatest beauty feature?  I know, I know, you are probably thinking, “Yeah right https://i1.wp.com/www.alicavanaugh.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/intended-imperfection-b.jpgFeisty Girl, if I didn’t have this chin, or this nose or this hair, then all my problems would go away and I’d feel a lot better about myself.” Well, I’ve got news for you sister, thinking you should send a supposed beauty imperfection on a permanent vaca is NOT the answer. Believe me, I can relate!  Let me share a little personal story with you…

I have a very distinctive nose… a nose that when I was little, thought it took up my entire face.  EVERYONE commented on my nose. My nose….well…my nose made me, “me.” The worst part? I couldn’t do anything about it!  It was and is my nose for crying out loud!  So I had to make a choice. I could be upset for the rest of my life about it, or I could embrace it, love it and let it define ME.  I had to get some courage and get a little feisty with myself and decided to kick the “woe is me” self to the curb. I looked in the mirror and said to my nose (that’s right, I talked to my nose), I said, “Nose, you are no longer my mole, you are my beauty mark. You were placed on my face for a reason and I will never forsake you again.”

From that day forward I became empowered! I decided to make my nose fashionable  – just like Marilyn and Cindy did with their moles. And if people continued to comment, I’d get a little feisty right back and say, “Yep, my nose is definitely unique but I love it and it makes me “me.” Too bad you’ll never have one like it.” Then I started noticing how awesome my nose became! Just by switching it from a mole to a beauty mark, I realized that I had a nose like no other. My nose and I were going to conquer the world together! … Okay well, not really, I’m getting a little too excited here about my nose, but you get the point…

Inner Beauty Thoughts: If you don’t like one of your supposed “imperfections” – change the way you think about it.  See it as unique… as you. Change your mole into a beauty mark.

Outer Beauty Tips: Did you know that beauty marks were particularly highly regarded during the eighteenth century and creating false ones became common, often in fanciful shapes such as hearts or stars. They could be purchased as silk or velvet patches known as “mouches” (flies).

In the twentieth century Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark generated a new vogue. Musician Prince is iconic for several of his beauty marks. Fashion model Cindy Crawford’s prominent mole helped revive the fashion. The Monroe piercing has gained popularity in recent years as a flexible way of approximating a beauty mark.

The Foundation Behind the Makeup

Have you ever noticed the difference a good foundation makes under your makeup? It is an essential primer before the palette.  If you choose the right color and consistency, it provides an even, smooth canvas allowing all the other colors, shades and shimmers to magnify the beauty of your face. It is an essential part of your makeup regimen and without it; the colors won’t shine as bright nor last as long.

The foundation to your makeup is very similar to the foundation of your life.  If you don’t have a good foundation, everything you pile on top will be inconsistent and will fade quickly.  Yeah, you may get a quick, short burst of color here and there, but what’s the point if you can’t build on it and make it last? I know I would totally run out of steam if I had to keep re-applying throughout the day! No thanks!  So how do you get a good foundation set for your day, and for your life? Well, you gotta get a little feisty with some non-negotiables.

First, start with a small application – meaning – start in the morning, one day at a time. As you begin applying your foundation to your face in the morning think of three non-negotiables for your foundation of your day.  For example, “I will only surround myself with positive people, I will not participate in gossip (that helps my lipstick stay on better anyway) and I will not compare myself to others.” Voila! By the time I’ve laid out my “foundation” for the day, my foundation for my face has been applied.  Now I’ve got a prep for my makeup AND a healthy “me prep” for my day!

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Just like the foundation for your makeup, you must have a foundation before you start your day.  Whether this foundation is three healthy mantras, a quote, a verse or just a word, “put it on” before everything else in your day, remain true to it throughout the day and the rest will fall into place.

Outer Beauty Tips: Well, I can’t leave you all for the day without telling you what foundation I personally like best – duh! So in my feisty make-up bag I usually have these essential items: Colorscience or Glo Minerals for face makeup. Eye primer for the evening out (helpful for adding extra dimension).

I’m a lip gloss junkie, but only with minerals! The only over the counter product I can’t live without is Chanel’s mascara “Inimitable” in black for my feisty lashes.  Don’t forget your pimple cover up! Must be a mineral stick. I opt for Glo Minerals Coverz-it sticks with a salicylic to treat, cover and heal.