Hiding Behind the Mask of Makeup

It’s almost Halloween!  Don’t you just love dressing up? I do!  Once a year most of us enjoy dressing up, hiding ourselves behind lots  of polyester, tulle, face paint and spandex. We all get to appreciate everyone’s imagination come to life in a visual costume. And because it’s once a year, it’s special and accepted.  Now, if it were every day and this wasn’t your day job, it wouldn’t be so special. Quite frankly… you’d be noted as a ‘certified crazy.’

This same concept applies to how we wear our daily ‘face mask’ – our makeup. Are you one of those girls who spends more than a few minutes applying eye shadow? Do you slap on the foundation? Are you afraid to leave the house without makeup on? Well sit down for this one because if you are saying ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are totally missing the point of why makeup was invented! Makeup was not invented as a mask to hide behind, it was invented to enhance what is already there! Save the mask of makeup for only those special occasions – like we save dressing up in a costume once a year for Halloween. Instead, go lighter and use it to enhance your beauty.

Inner Beauty Thoughts: By using makeup to ENHANCE your NATURAL beauty you’ll look so much more alive and energized! Get the courage to love yourself and make the choice to enhance your face rather than hide it!

Outer Beauty Tips: Refer to these websites for great ways to enhance your natural beauty with makeup!

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