Hiding Behind the Mask of Makeup

It’s almost Halloween!  Don’t you just love dressing up? I do!  Once a year most of us enjoy dressing up, hiding ourselves behind lots  of polyester, tulle, face paint and spandex. We all get to appreciate everyone’s imagination come to life in a visual costume. And because it’s once a year, it’s special and accepted.  Now, if it were every day and this wasn’t your day job, it wouldn’t be so special. Quite frankly… you’d be noted as a ‘certified crazy.’

This same concept applies to how we wear our daily ‘face mask’ – our makeup. Are you one of those girls who spends more than a few minutes applying eye shadow? Do you slap on the foundation? Are you afraid to leave the house without makeup on? Well sit down for this one because if you are saying ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are totally missing the point of why makeup was invented! Makeup was not invented as a mask to hide behind, it was invented to enhance what is already there! Save the mask of makeup for only those special occasions – like we save dressing up in a costume once a year for Halloween. Instead, go lighter and use it to enhance your beauty.

Inner Beauty Thoughts: By using makeup to ENHANCE your NATURAL beauty you’ll look so much more alive and energized! Get the courage to love yourself and make the choice to enhance your face rather than hide it!

Outer Beauty Tips: Refer to these websites for great ways to enhance your natural beauty with makeup!

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The Foundation Behind the Makeup

Have you ever noticed the difference a good foundation makes under your makeup? It is an essential primer before the palette.  If you choose the right color and consistency, it provides an even, smooth canvas allowing all the other colors, shades and shimmers to magnify the beauty of your face. It is an essential part of your makeup regimen and without it; the colors won’t shine as bright nor last as long.

The foundation to your makeup is very similar to the foundation of your life.  If you don’t have a good foundation, everything you pile on top will be inconsistent and will fade quickly.  Yeah, you may get a quick, short burst of color here and there, but what’s the point if you can’t build on it and make it last? I know I would totally run out of steam if I had to keep re-applying throughout the day! No thanks!  So how do you get a good foundation set for your day, and for your life? Well, you gotta get a little feisty with some non-negotiables.

First, start with a small application – meaning – start in the morning, one day at a time. As you begin applying your foundation to your face in the morning think of three non-negotiables for your foundation of your day.  For example, “I will only surround myself with positive people, I will not participate in gossip (that helps my lipstick stay on better anyway) and I will not compare myself to others.” Voila! By the time I’ve laid out my “foundation” for the day, my foundation for my face has been applied.  Now I’ve got a prep for my makeup AND a healthy “me prep” for my day!

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Just like the foundation for your makeup, you must have a foundation before you start your day.  Whether this foundation is three healthy mantras, a quote, a verse or just a word, “put it on” before everything else in your day, remain true to it throughout the day and the rest will fall into place.

Outer Beauty Tips: Well, I can’t leave you all for the day without telling you what foundation I personally like best – duh! So in my feisty make-up bag I usually have these essential items: Colorscience or Glo Minerals for face makeup. Eye primer for the evening out (helpful for adding extra dimension).

I’m a lip gloss junkie, but only with minerals! The only over the counter product I can’t live without is Chanel’s mascara “Inimitable” in black for my feisty lashes.  Don’t forget your pimple cover up! Must be a mineral stick. I opt for Glo Minerals Coverz-it sticks with a salicylic to treat, cover and heal.