Changing Skin with Changing Seasons and What to Do About It

Have you ever noticed how your skin starts to look worse during the changing of the seasons? Just like our weather trying to decide if it wants to be cold or warm when headed into the first few weeks of winter, your skin can’t decide between dry, normal, or oily skin (depending on your skin type). This often results in embarrassing breakouts and lot more time spent on trying to cover those up! The good thing is (kinda) is that you’re not alone in this adaptation time – it’s completely normal.

As the seasons change, so must your skincare routine. In the winter seasons your skin generally gets dryer, thus more moisturizing, natural oils and protection is what your skin needs most! Get Feisty with that dry skin and moisturize, moisturize, and then moisturize some more. You can hardly apply too much since your skin absorbs the added moisture so much faster in winter. Also less sun means less vitamin b and wind means less moisture.  Eat more olive oil and omega 3 to give your skin a lively look during the cold seasons. And ladies, DON’T do tanning that will make it worse in the long run – our mission is NOT to look like scaley burnt fish!

Outer Beauty Tips: In general, everything you do will affect your skin. Regular facials prepare the skin for the change of season and provide the perfect basis for healthy skin. Get a facial when summer ends to deeply cleanse your skin and revitalize it through massage. A healthy diet consisting of vitamin-rich winter fruits, combined with hydration (lots of herbal teas and water) and regular exercise will also help your skin stay radiant and beautiful

Inner Beauty Thoughts: Remember that your skin is a reflection of your inner self—Have the courage to say no to extra unimportant activities and choose to grant yourself some downtime if you need it. Get enough sleep and try not to stress too much. Your skin will love you for it!